The best services to use when moving to Andorra

Hello everyone,

What were the biggest hurdles you faced when moving to Andorra? Were there any services available that helped?

Which services helped you most upon your arrival in Andorra? Were there any that helped you adapt and integrate in your new home?

Are there any services that you wished were available when you moved to Andorra?

Did you find the price of the different services available reasonable? Were there any that were overpriced, to your mind?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hello everyone,

Priscilla's question is something I've been searching for online but cannot find much information on.

I'm planning to take up passive residence in Andorra. Would welcome any advice on which immigration agent to use for that purpose. Please also share your personal experience on buying a house, whether there are services that provide property valuation to assist me in my purchase decision.

Thank you.

Best regards

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