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Hi everyone,

This is my first post so please be gentle.

My girlfriend and I are wanting to live and work in Spain, preferably in Barcelona area, but we have no idea where to start. I have applied for the EU Blue Card system for us both but it seems to take a while.

Can anyone help me on what we can do?

Recruitment agencies that we can contact or email, where to look for jobs...  :/


Best place to start is to make an appointment for you both to visit the Spanish Embassy as well; Embassy of your own birth County too!   At least Spanish Embassy to be advised correctly as well, what's required and expected time frames!   Wishing you success with this Endeavour!

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Thank you, I have contacted them and I have a list of what I need. (Which is a lot... Hahaha) Now it is just basically getting in touch with a recruiter or something like that.

you both can post your 'job seeking - offer' here on the site
on the 'jobs'-section'
other alternative is to sign-in to 'Infojobs' summit your CV along with a cover-letter & then wait & see what's comes up..
good luck

you can find some groups in fb that provide fb for expats

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