German is searching for a job in Thailand (teach or organize)

Hello community or sawadee krap,

I´m a 30 years old german, travelled a lot in my life but found a perfect destination for me: Thailand.
I love the friendly and open minded people, the craziness everywhere (for people from Europe ;) ) and also the climate.
I´ve a commercial education, worked in Germany world wide for TV productions as unit manager and in the back office of a publicity agency.
I´m still working but I would cancel all now to start a new adventure.

I´ve a lot of talents ;-) and would like to work with people. As a teacher or to organize, plan and help.
At the end I´ll learn to speak Thai, too.

If somebody has any ideas or need someone like me, do not hesitate to contact me. :-)

Kind regards, krap

Felix :-)

HI Felixe and welcome to :)

Please feel free to post a job advert in the jobs in Bangkok section, it might raise your chances.

You can also have a look at the articles at the Work in Thailand section, it might also be helpful.

Thanks and good luck,


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