School (reception Age) in Bristol

I am an American Expat slated to move with my family (wife, 2 children 1yr and 4 yr) to Bristol early March 2017. Timing wise I will hopefully have an address to register for schooling by Mid April 2017.

We have been reviewing registration procedure for my 4 year old, due to attend reception starting next year. From what we can tell we will miss the deadlines for registration (Jan 15th) by a few months. The neighborhood we are looking in is in the Bishopston post code or near by.

We have concerns we will not be able to get our child into school due to the mid and post registration timing. Couple of questions:
1) how worried should we be?
2) how does registration post the deadline work
3) how does signing up for school actually work?

These are general questions, but any feedback on how this works and things we might be able to do now to help avoid a problem would be great. Thank you

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