Belgium a great country to visit

I think from my opinion that everybody need to visit Belgium in there lives. Belgium is a great country a not so big country but that doesn't matter. Because when you want to see the other side of Belgium you only have to drive 3 hours. That's easy so you can go to Brussels and visit the Atomium and eat in 1 of the 9 balls and go to Antwerp and go shopping in 1 day. If you come to Belgium I would also recommend to go to the sea and come in the summer because other wise it's to cold here. When you are already at the sea. You certainly need to go to Plopsaqua. It's a pool for young and old and there is also a very scary slide where you have to stand in and were the floor goes away and you fall in to the slide. We have in Belgium also good food that you have to taste. so we have waffles and chocolate and last but not least the fries they are in Belgium the best and you have to taste it. So don't doubt and come visit Belgium after you're trip you wouldn't regret coming here.

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