Degree Attestation Procedure from India?

My name is Ali Raza Butt I am currently living in UAE. My friend get a job in company in UAE but they sending him to their another branch in Oman Muscat. He is from Indian, having qualification of BS acounting.
He want to Attest Degrees for Oman..

Just help me to tell him the procedure for degree attestation from INdia

Hi uaeqatarsaudi,

I am assuming that your friend, who is holding a BS Accounting degree, and who has got a job in the UAE, and who is posted to Oman, is currently living in India ! Correct ?? And he wants his degree certificate to be attested as required by his employer, as required by the law.

Your friend can either get the degree certificate attested by taking it directly to the required places himself, or he can handover his certificate to any reputed documents attestation service provider who would then do the needed on your friend's behalf, at a cost of course.

The various steps of attestations required are already available in this forum. So kindly do a site search and get all the information you would need.

Hello everyone,
Sorry I am posting in an old thread as I found this relevant.
I am a professional from India, looking to Move to Oman in a Senior Manager profile in the next couple of months.
The company where I am moving to is asking for a copy of appostilled degree.
I am a Post Graduate Diploma in Management as all major Business schools in India give PGDM and not MBA. I have given the PGDM certificate for appostille.
However, the company I am looking to work for has raised a concern that it should be a Degree certificate. Unfortunately, I have not taken the Degree certificate for Bachelors in Engineering and applying for it would take time and effort.
Request some expert views on whether the Diploma certificate should suffice or will it be needed that I need to provide the degree certificate only?

i can't help you but can warn you to not to go to a company called urogulf...they are not professional to their job..i didn't got my certificate yet, i submitted to them 5months ago.

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