Looking for an English speaking job in Utrecht...

Hi all,

I'm planning on moving to Utrecht in the new year and I've been having difficulties finding work that except no Dutch vocabulary.
I've searched and applied for hundreds of jobs and I've been having the same reply to all of them as I don't speak any Dutch.
(I'm currently looking for a course in dutch to coincide with my work at the time being but having no luck).
Any advise on where to look and what places to apply for?
I would prefer to stay in retail but at this point I'm happy with anything.

Many thanks,

Hannah :)

Welcome on board Hannah,

Sorry to say but you need the Dutch language to find a job here specially in the retail  business.
If you are very keen to work and live in the Netherlands, you have to start to learn now before your moving.
On several other threads they made suggestions what kind of course(s) you can do, I suggest to browse on the main forum.

You can also contact the nearest Dutch embassy and they can provide you more information. Although they are not keen to give any personal information about the "Dutchies", you can ask how to meet them for practicing. Maybe the embassy organize some events where you can attend.

Thank you for your reply.
I've searched for dutch tutors and courses but none available, so I've downloaded one online to see if it's any good.
Fingers crossed.

I have good experiences with Rosetta Stone for Arabic.

Hi there!

I've been here since May and cannot find work as an English speaker. I'm currently attending Dutch classes and it has been going quite ok. You might want to read on the basics like pronounciatiin of the alphabets, numbers and the articles (Duolingo helped me for my Dutch basics) then start reading children's books online. You can also try watching filmpje's on YouTube. I can give you links later on.

I think it would be easier for you to get a job once you arrive here as there are quite lots of hidden vacancies for those already living in the Netherlands. The availability of jobs also delivery nds on what kind you're looking for. The office jobs would require you to have a university European degree + Dutch, English, European language. But there are also part time ones like warehouse jobs where only English is required.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need additional info.

Succes naar baan zoeken!

*The availability of jobs also depend on what kind you're looking for. (Sorry, typo)

Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you for this information.

I've started an online dutch course, so hopefully that will help with the speaking side of things.

I think my plan is to apply for the usual pubs and clubs when I get out there and hope for the best really. I know the Dutch will come along quicker once I'm out there hearing the lingo on a regular basis.

Again thank you for the information, and the links to those books would be lovely.

Many thanks,
Hannah 😊

You can also look for jobs in the surrounding cities (amersfoort, Hilversum for instance and you take the public transportation from Utrech which is common in the Netherlands and sometimes more efficient than using your own car) you might find what you're looking for in places you expect less. I personally got recruited from a company located in a village near Utrecht, but they are providing their services worldwide, so English is more important in this context than Dutch. Good luck

Yes, for 2 years I was looking for work in Utrecht and nothing, they need only dutch speaking people. I heard that Utrecht University has some good dutch  language course. Good luck :)

Thanks for your answer but I'm just curious about the name of the company you work for it, because it's been a while that I'm looking for a job (English or French speaking) but it's Dutch that comes in the first place even i have an international bus sines diploma (Morocco), but I'm really thankful for any help or suggestion.

Hi I too plan to migrate to Netherlands
I speak English only
Do you think it’s difficult for English speakers to get job
I can do any type of job

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