want to know about the company somica in congo

I am going to work with somica in congo , i NEED SOME INFORMATION ABOUT COMPANY & LOCAL POEPLE.

Welcome on board yogesh patil ;)

Hi yogesh patil , hope u r doing well with somika in congo. u can contact me  at [email protected] to  know each other  about congo and somika

Well, someone of the company is giving a response already. Great!
About local poeple, you dont have to worry. But the only thing you have to be worry about it's the language.
Congo is an french speaker country.
You will for the beguining have to explain things with your hands or have a permanent traductor who will translate french to english.
But poeple are nice, funny and i hope you will like!

Local People are friendly and nice !

Hey Audit, Glad to have news from you :P
Thanx for what you're saying. I know we're nice looool