interested in mma/boxing Dammam / Khobar

Hello there is no mma/boxing gym here in dammam or khobar  I was thinking  If the people who r interested in mma could meet up at some park and train together. me and my friend train sparr 2 times in a week. we could meet up and sharpen our skills so what do u think its pretty boring in ksa if like  5 or 6 guys train together we could improve our skills and have fun at the same time. I was trying to find gyms in dammam or khobar I couldn't find any so if ur interested this is the only way

Where in khobar? Looking for a pro?

I do not consider myself as a pro but I have been training mma  for 4 years

thanks for the message
I am interested please give me more details and how to contact you

I'm a beginner. Recently started training at home for boxing. Really out of shape so just do some shadow boxing etc. I am definitely interested in meeting up and just sharing knowledge and training together. I'm up for sparring as well. I live in Rakah, u can whatsapp me *


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Ur number

conor McGregor :

Ur number

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Hi, I just moved to rakkah Dammam and looking for any mma training, bjj would be ideal.
Did you not find that Ibrahim guys gym?

You could also try to contact Muhammad Al Ajmi at Gracie Barra Dhahran, Although I am not aware of any MMa training at his gym, he can definitely help you improve  your BJJ and grappling skills. You can contact him via FB. As for your idea of training at a park or any public area, unless you are planning to do so at a compound, I would not recommend it. Don't be surprised if the police interrupt your training and tell you not to train in public places.

FYI there are several MMA gyms in Jeddah, like Arena which is the largest MMA complex in Asia and Spider team, just to mention a few. In Riyadh, you can train at Platinum Fighter, Gracie Barra Riyadh, and numerous other gyms.

Best of luck to you!

Hello all :cheers:

Droping an advert in the Sport partners in Khobar section of the site may help reach out to more members interested to start training.


The police dosent bother me when I train

Hi Connor.

Well I've never done MMA before, besides a little marcial arts when I was still at school, but I'm here in Khobar, just as bored as you are, the Executive Chef at Brasa De Brasil, and if you are interested, get in touch, we'll see where too from there.


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Hello Conor,

I am Interested, please count me in,..once everything is settled.. I am willing to join.

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