Looking for friends; language exchange.

Currently living in a Kiev for the summer and would like more activity partners...
Я говорю немного по Русский.

You can search/advertise for both language exchange and activity partners in the designated CLASSIFIEDS section of the site.  You'll likely have better luck there as the post won't fall from view so quickly.  Give it a try please.

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Hi! it will be fun ) i'm living in Kharkiv and getting ready for a road trip

Откуда ты? Ты поедешь в Киеве?

я из Бахрейна)) да скоро!

This is an Anglophone forum, so please post only in English so everyone can follow the discussion, as mentioned in the Ukraine Forum Code of Conduct

If you wish to communicate in other languages, please do so by PM.  Thank you kindly


Hello dear friends,
I am coming to Ukraine September for a humanitarian project and I am interested in continuing my academic studies in Ukraine, can anyone advise me which are the best universities and the tuition fees there ? And is it allowed to have a part time job in Ukraine or not ?
Any information about Ukraine lifestyle education accommodation culture would be so helpful for me and I would be so grateful for your help. Thanks a lot

Did you ever make it to Ukraine?


  I am coming to kiev in November from USA  and trying to get in touch and make friends. Please contact on my Whatsapp ***. I am coming in Google Kiev office for 3 months. Want to know the city better and find friends.


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