HCMC - rent

just looking at the rents in HCMC, they seem overall quite expensive...even compared to western cities.

Which Western cities are you comparing HCMC rents ?  Where are you looking in HCMC ?Or do you mean small towns in rural farming communities in the USA or Canada ? FYI, HCMC rents are approx. 15-20% for similar size/services as in Dubai (not a Western city but close enough). Compare HCMC rents to NYC, London, Toronto, Chicago, etc. and you will see a huge savings. Earn the same as in a Western city and you will have just improved your earnings' & savings multiple by a HUGE factor.

HCMC in district 1 hotel or rent house  is very expense but if you can visit and living in Binh Thanh District is very ship cost rent house is around 250 USD in one month aproximately is very near District 1.
I recommend this district because District 1 , 2, 3 4 or 7 is very expense also long distance you investment more money for movility or taxi transportation allocation is strategic in HCMC.

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hi Sandy, sorry, I am not looking, just making an observation about HCMC in general...

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