Accommodation Which area is the best to live

My husband and myself are moving to Rwanda.   Which area is the best to live in please.  We don't have children so doesnot need to be near schools.   But, we would like to be close to the social life etc.  Also, is it
possible to rent 3/4 bedroomed houses that have pools with them ?   

Thank You

Check for more information.. also facebook pages and Kigali life yahoo group has some good information.


The answer to this is relative. Your needs will primarily dictate the location. However, Nyarutarama seems to be the best for me. Again, what is best for me might not be best for you. Nyarutarama is a prime location where members of the international community live. Ambassadors from different countries, multinational companies Head and reps, NGO personnel's and other private business Leaders. The golf course is also situated here. Nice and prestigious restaurants, bars, eateries, clubs are located here. It has a central location that makes it accessible to any other location within 10 minutes.

Do some Google search for rental properties in Kigali Rwanda, and you should be able to find something that will soothe you.

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