Schooling options in Suzhou

My name is Nicola and my husband recently got a job in Suzhou. We have two kids - a son of 4 years and a daughter of 8 years. My daughter will complete year 3 at a British International School at the end of the academic year. My son is due to start school in September. The fees at the international schools in Suzhou seem very high and I don't think we can afford them. Are there any other options? We are also considering homeschooling - are there any groups that get together to support each other with homeschooling? Thank you for your help.

Hello nicolahar :cheers:

I invite you to check out this thread to gather some info :

> information regarding school

You may also browse through other threads in our Schools & studies in Suzhou forum section while waiting for members to give additional informations.


Thank you Kenjee :)

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