Singapore: top destination for British expats

Once again, Singapore tops among the best destinations for expats, but this time for Britons.

According to the eighth annual NatWest International Personal Banking (IPB) Quality of Life Index, Singapore stands out in terms of quality of life for British expats. Indeed, most of them, seeking a happier, healthier and healthier life, tend to prefer Singapore to other popular destinations such as Australia and Canada.

The “Quality of Life” study, involving a total of 2,400 expats abroad, was based on the assessments of lifestyle indicators, namely the availability of consumer goods, entertainment, food, law enforcement, public transport, housing, public services, leisure and culture, schools and education, finance, etc.

The “Lion City” thus rose from the 4th to the 1st place in the ranking, followed by the United Arab Emirates, China, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Indeed, 84% of British expats reveal that their overall quality of life has greatly improved since their move. 86% of them say their enjoy a better health, a nicer and sunnier environment, as well as better working conditions.

However, only 9% of them are planning to stay permanently in Singapore as most of them are on temporary work assignments. The study also reveals an increase in the number of temporary British expats : 34% in Singapore, 34% in China ad 29% in Hong Kong, most of them having moved for professional reasons.

Note that Singapore is especially appealing to expats for its tax incentives and flexible immigration policies, as well as key industries providing various career prospects, including finance, construction and manufacturing. Indeed, 68% of British expats living in Singapore claim to earn more £125,000 a year compared to the global average of 21%.

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