Looking for accomodation in Trinidad near Port of Spain


I am moving to trinidad in early April to work for five months at the Pan American Health Organization. I am looking for accommodation in or near Port of Spain. Does anyone have any suggestions of good places to search or which areas are best?

Thank you for your help,


Hello Richard,
I think it really depends on your budget. As you are only looking for a 5 months lease, your options might be limited.

For convenience, One Woodbrook Plaza is modern and central. But you might not find m-t-m leases or short term leases for these apartments.

Woodbrook and Newtown are convenient central areas. These two areas, along with St James, have a fairly balanced mix of residential/commercial intermixed.

St Anns, and Maraval are a little more suburban in nature, but be careful of the commuter traffic, as there are limited thoroughfares from or through these areas. (St Anns has a single 2-lane road to access the area).

Westmoorings, Goodwood Park and Diego Martin are a little further out (3-4km) but generally easy access to the city of Port of Spain.

As your stay is relatively short, I would not recommend looking anywhere East of the City. The commute is horrendous and somewhat unpredictable.

Have you contacted an agent to help you find accommodation yet? Is PAHO helping you with this task?

My observations are of course, personal, and I'm genuinely passing on information to you. I hope it helps, and I haven't offended anyone by calling out Maraval and St Anns as being a little less desirable due to the commute.

Thank you very much for your reply. It was really helpful. I have since found a place in St James for 6 months.

Great! Good luck and see you around the coffee shops perhaps (Rituals on corner of  Maraval Road & Marli Street is my hangout).

That would be great. I am arriving in a week so maybe we could meet up after I arrive?

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I will be looking for a short term accommodation as well. May I ask where did you find your accommodation and for how much?

My place is in San Fernando. A 2br, 1 bath apartment for 5000 TT/month.

thanks so much for your quick reply. I meant on which website sorry! or did you find it once you were there?

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