Pawpaw seeds.

Long shot, but does anyone have any interest in growing a Pawpaw plant? After a year of signing up with Kentucky State University's pawpaw program, (they're trying to revive the plant in Northern America) my seeds showed up in the mail yesterday. Planted 3 but that is all I have room for. I would hate to see the other 7 go to waste. Keep in mind, these are a long term plant investment and you're not going to see fruit for a min of 5 years but they are easy and beautiful to grow.The fruit itself is incredibly delicious and sweet with a custard like texture. I will be sending them via snail mail in a small plastic pouch with a small amount of soil. Free, of course.

I will love to have some.
Thank you

I have to confirm with one person but for now all the seeds are spoken for. I'll drop you a line if anything changes. Thanks for the interest. Cheers, Karen

Are you sure Pawpaw will grow in PR ?

Pawpaws are related to the tropical Annonacae, such as the Cherimoya and Guayabana so they grow excellently here.

I have had locally grown Anone, which I think is the same as the Cherimoya, from my cousin's yard.  Inside is a sweet custard-like pulp.  The skin is layered and green: reminds me of a soft artichoke.

Yes, love those, we pop em in the fridge, better than ice cream! You're lucky to have a tree!

Karenqc :

I will be sending them via snail mail in a small plastic pouch with a small amount of soil.

You had best check Customs regulations before sending the seeds. In most countries soil is prohibited because of the risk of contamination. It would be a shame to have the seeds confiscated and destroyed because they were sent with soil.

According to the link below, Any and all animal and agricultural products are on the prohibited list. … -rica.html

James Experts Team

Sending within PR only, w/PR soil. Cheers.

All the pawpaw seeds are accounted for, thanks everyone. Cheers-Karen

I'm also looking to see if there is an existing living tree that I may also take cutting from.
Thank you

Papaya is sometimes referred to pawpaw. If this is what you are looking for it is everywhere here. Just buy the fuit in the market and plant the seeds. They are very easy to grow. You will have to plant more than one because some are male and some are female. If you are referring to the other pawpaw it does not grow here. It needs a temperate, dormant climate. Seeds can be shipped here. I have bought live plants in soil who are licensed by USDA.

I am growing a papaya on my patio in a large container.  Don’t know if it is male or female.

It is now about 5 ft tall. How can you determine sex?   Hoping for fruit. 🧐

It has something to do with how the flower looks. You can Google the question

You can definitely tell the difference between the male and female plants.   Look qt How they flower

In 2014 i got free pawpaw seeds fork teh university if kentucky as well,  i had no getting them to grow more then a couple inches

Only if you're an Aussie.😆

The males will put out a long trumpet like flower up high against the trunk.

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