Medical Certificate requirements for WP


Anyone able to shed light on what this document should contain? The doctor is more than willing to charge me for a raft of tests but needs to know what specifically needs to be included. Thought I'd check with you guys whilst waiting to here back from sponsor.


Hi Mker,

When we had to go for our medical certificate, we had to get chest X-Ray's which was checked and cleared of any medical issues by the doctor on call and then we visited our family GP.  All he did was check our chest X-Ray's again asked was some medical questions to make sure we were in good health and then he completed a standard medical certificate stating we were cleared.

I think maybe if there were some medical issues your doctor would have to be more thorough.

Hope this helps

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Not sure when you arrived but the xray requirements have been dropped according to the WP application form unless you're coming from a small set of countries. Spoke to the hospital today and the person I spoke to this time understood exactly what was needed so will get that sorted this week.
We use the GPs as the hospital and have only had to go once in the last couple of years so dont actually have a named GP.

Hi T,

We arrived from the UK in early January-- we didnt need anything at all from our doctor for the purposes of the Work Permit application.

On arrival here, we had to complete a questionnaire from the medical insurance company but they didn't ask for any supporting documentation.

i don't know where you are coming from, but if UK , you can ask for a printout of your medical records-- they will only charge you for a comprehensive one--a ltd one is FOC.

hope that is of some help and good luck ,,

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We ended up getting a "fit for work" letter from our GP. Just stating blood pressure normal and general health ok.


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