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I know that, in addition to the mandatory CAJA, many expats have their own private international health insurance plan. I have Googled a few; premiums seem to be extremely high. Cigna seemed to be the lowest. We are under 55-59, in excellent health, no pre-existing conditions. Can someone recommend a reasonably-priced insurance plan that they have used? Thanks....

Medipac is the best, not sure if they sell it where you are located.

Check these: (WEA Insurance)   

Ask for rate sheets that show premiums by age and deductible.  Rates go up with age and which company has the best rates varies by age.  Pay attention to the rate increase when you reach the next age bracket. 

Some have policies that have the option to include or exclude coverage in the USA with significant savings if you exclude the USA.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.. I will check them all out...

Costa Rica expats, would you please advise as to whether it is affordable for two seniors to forfeit Medicare ($300 plus /mo each) and relocate to CS and pay for medical care out-of-pocket or to purchase medical insurance? By affordable, I mean will medical care in CS with or without insurance be close to/slightly more than Medicare in the US?

I will  look at the agencies referenced above. Thanks!

Celadon, no one can tell you if it is cost effective to go without medical insurance as that would depend upon any emergency medical conditions or severe chronic medical condition occurs in your future.  If you only see a doctor a couple of times a year, it can be cost effective to self-pay for routine medical care.  I have a high deductible health insurance policy for emergencies and self pay for routine health care.

Once you have residency , you will be paying into CAJA (mandatory) - some people rely on that for emergency care, but I am in the camp that prefers private health facilities over the public health care system.  I do use CAJA for my routine health care (prescriptions, check-ups, lab tests).

Thanks, redbeard - of course, out-of-pocket costs would vary greatly depending on needs, don't know how I missed that  :(.

I will get some concrete info now.

(I see you are in Guanacaste - my private HS info shows La Paz, CRIA, Educarte, Waldorf, TIDE - do you or any  of your friends have viewpoints of any of these schools for my 14 yr old?)

Celadon, I don't know too much about the schools.  I haven't heard anything bad about any of those, but  I know of couple of people in Tamarindo that have liked Tide Academy.  One had a teen boy that participated in surf competitions - that school caters to more flexible learning schedules.  (The other person has a rather young son.)

Thank you again, Redbeard. I've looked at the websites of several schools and sent each an email with specific questions....even looked at nice apartments to rent near the schools. Yes, Tide looks very interesting.

Having finished the health-care research yet but I think I have all the tools I need to do so.

There is so much valuable information on the threads in this forum - thank you all - I feel like I know you.  :)

in case this would be helpful to others:

I emailed the three private insurance companies redbeard cites above, and got back to me within a few hours with information about four policy options. The info he sent showed everything - rates depending on one's age, deductible choices, all coverages including dental, etc. I posed some follow-up questions, and again, the representative replied within hours. If we chose one of the two more expensive plans (great coverage), the cost would be very slightly more than Medicaid + the necessary "gap" coverage in the US.

(And I understand that individuals must be enrolled in the CAJA plan, too.)

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