Work Permit for Spouse of Employee of International Organization

I am moving to Belgium to work for an international organization. I will have a special identity card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. My wife is entitled to that same identity card to reside in Belgium. I am wondering whether my wife is entitled to a work permit and under what conditions.

I was under the impression that as my spouse (i.e. of an employee of an international organization) she would be exempted from the restrictive work permit criteria. Is that correct?

Please see the below paragraph on this website of the City of Brussels:

"Spouse, registered partner or dependent children of some foreign
nationals (Art. 9.17) exempt from the work permit obligation (for example spouse, registered partner or dependent children of foreign nationals staying in Belgium under the special status of a diplomatic

On the other hand, she is likely going to be naturalized a U.S. citizen soon. Would that be better? From what I read, it seems that would qualify for a special category as a citizen of an OECD member state.

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