I would like to move to baku azerbaijan

Hi everyone. I am currently working here in Dubai United Arab Emirates and planning to move to Baku. Could anyone help me how to find employers or how to get working visa. I would love to hear from you. Thanks

well i live in Dubai as well and i am going to Baku on 30th Dec for vacation as my fiance is from Azerbaijan. you have to learn Azerbaijani language or Russian language in order to get a job or if you have exp in oil field or anything relation oil and petroleum then you find a good job there


To be honest I would stay in Dubai. Due to the lowering oil price many major employers are laying off staff, both local and expat.

You will not obtain a work visa unless you have a confirmed job offer.

Sadly the country is going through financial turmoil as the Manat keeps devoluating. Thus many locals are niw unemployed putting more strain on the jobs market. Food is also getting scarce particularly expat brands.

Dubai is a better option at the moment.

true when i was there one mannat was 1.2 usd now its have been 2 usd .Azerbaijan is facing economical crisis and they are trying to change mannat  currency to some other currency to stable the market

Dear Fahad,
Who're you on nation? Is your fiancee Azeri or just is living there? Are you planning to live in Azerbaijan?
Best wishes.

I am from Azerbaijan but I've been living in Belarus for many years. To be honest, I wouldn't move o Azerbaijan if I were you. You had better move to Turkey. I think, Dubay is also good to find a job though people are chauvinist. I also don't like chauvinist people as I am humanist. Feel free ask any question again.
Best wishes.  zaidova2015.com

For us A visa u can take an electronic form.
Paymant has to be 20 $

In Baku hotels per day from 40 $ to 250$

For Employer u have to look site -
job search.az

If any guestions else
U may ask

maybe currently this topic is not interesting .For getting working visa first you have to get job offer + Invitation letter .

Dear Murad,

1.    can you name few web-sites which have advertisements of furnished flats for rent in Baku? They can be in Azerbaijani (I can read it...)

2. If a given web-site shows an advertisement with a given price ox XXX AZN per month, what are typical for Azerbaijan "other" costs, which are not included in the quoted basic price, e.g. fee for estate agent, media usage, heating, communal services, initial deposit, parking/garage, insurance, etc.

3. What are technical issues one should ask for: e.g. continuity of water and electricity supply, availability of cable TV, Internet, etc?

4. Will the estate agent be willing to give information on neighbourhood conditions, e.g. safety, neighbours, ecological situation, expected attitude to foreigners or people with other religion, availability of food shops? If agent cannot be reliable source  of such information, who else can give such information?

With best regards,

Please give me your whatsapp number .I will give you detail information

Dear Murad,

   Thank you very much for your offer of help. I would be happy to talk via Whatsup, but I am not willing to send my number via this window. Send me your e-mail to *** and I will respond directly to you with my phone number.

With best regards,
Jacek Gajewski

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Dear Naejbarcena,
I don't advise you to move to Baku. We can discuss it.
Best wishes.

Hi Murat,

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