Employment Pass Pending over a month

Hi there,
First of all, thank you for reading this.
I'm originally from Taiwan, major in Physiotherapy. I got my master in the Nordic country, from the faulty of sports and health science, major in Biomechanics. Both of the university of my Bachelor and master are QS World University Rankings top 300. I have an international recognized, high quality certificate for Pilates in Rehabilitation.
I have 1 year internship 1 year working experiences in physio and Pilates rehabilitation. In the Nordic country, I also self-employed for 2 years part-time for Pilates teaching. I did SAT that says I'm highly for qualifying.
I've been waiting for my EP for over a month as a Pilates instructor at private studio.
At day 10, they required my company to submit information about the company.
At day 18, they suspected my certificate and ask for appendices (that I submit with explanation of school system and transcripts)
Till now, there's no reply at all.
I have no idea how long this will take.
I have read through the blogs here that there were people pending over 2 months, up to 4 months and there are many factors relating whether an EP will pass/not.
I am getting a little annoyed now since
1. I don't know when I will be able to work
2. I don't know if it will be rejected after waiting for so long
3. I don't know if I can part-time already (in my home country)

How do you ask the HR to push gently for you for the pass? Can I call and write directly to MoM controls? (and does this help? since this is an American-way follow-up...not sure if it works in Asia)
Does anyone have any suggestions?

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