Filipino Community in Hyderabad

Hello there! I have been here in Hyderabad for almost 2 weeks now and I would just like to know if we have a Filipino community here and I would be so glad to be in contact. If you are a Filipino or you know someone, please feel free to reply through this thread or drop me a personal message. Thank you! :)

Hello, How are you? Am from Hyderabad looking to know about other countries and their peoples. Lets connect and learn from each other.

Hi i'm filipina living in Bhopal.. Getting bored without friends..

I do understand when you are in a new place and dont have friends. You can come to Hyderabad where we have sizeable population of Filipinos

I m living in hyd for quite a time. Did not see filipinos here.... Could u help me out

Plz contact me I know Philipna in Hyderabad my number is *** plz feel free any time call me woth all respect to you .
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Reason : do not post personal contact details here for your own security too been here at Gurgaon for a week I'm feeling homesick....need a friend  do you know anyone here I can hang out  tnx

I've been here for 2 weeks now. There aren't many I believe.

Hello any filipino in Pune and looking for friends, can connect.

Hi, are u still in Hyderabad? Let me know as I am in Hyderabad at this moment too.

Kabayan...I have worked with Filipinos while I was in Middle East.  I myself moved back to Hyderabad recently and looking for friends.  Message me if u wanna talk...🙂🙂

Hi how are you?

Hey, I am in Hyderabad too.. anybody wanna catchup... would be glad too..

In Hyderabad? Are you visiting Delhi by any chance?
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