i m excited to meet new people

My name is Amira , i m 23 years old from Tunisia . I have the ability to speak
three languages fluently (arabic , french and english) . I used to go to college in Santa Barbara. i went back to tunisia now.
I'm Just a regular girl that loves to have fun , laugh and dance around but sometimes mocking and boring ...
Apart from that, I am a person who enjoys the simple pleasures that life is even though it has not always been kind to me
i ll be happy to learn more about you guys

Hi Amira, i Wesam 30 an Aid worker,  i just moved to Tunis, i live in Lac un there is some nice coffee shops around here, get in touch we can enjoy a cup of coffee :)
Take Care

Hi amira i'm anouar from TUNIS
it is nice to hear that you want to learn more about guys,me too i want learn more about girls :) so we can make a deal :)
i speak frensch,english,germain,arabic and a little italien.i like communicate with differents cultures and people surround the world..i work in german compny in tunis as senior  technician in developpement of automotive harness .

i have the pleasure  to know you :)

Anouar :)


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