New members of the Ethiopia forum, introduce yourself here – 3rd quarter of 2015

Hi all,

Newbie on the Ethiopia forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Ethiopia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hello everybody am new here

Hello everyone my name is Daniel. I am Ethiopian but live in the U.S. I am interested getting to know some people and see if we can work together. Thank you all and looking forward to hear back from you.

you are welcome Dan.don't hesitate to contact me on my private ***

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yup.. I will be around for couple years or more if i don't get bored very quickly :-) (i hope not)
I am very excited to know more about this beautiful country (so far).

Thank you and I will

Hi there,

my and my partner moved to Addis about 6 weeks ago. We are planning on staying here for about 2 years. I am from Switzerland and my partner is Indian. If you know any Expat events happening in the city, let us know. We are leaving in Bole.

Have a good day

Hi all. I used to live in Ethiopia. I have graduate from Bahir Dar University in civil engineering. now I am working in the university as deputy director for civil engineering department. at the end of August I will went to Japan for masters study.

hey all, my name is mimi. moved back to addis from the states after 24 years and getting my feet wet. looking forward to share my adventure and learn from the pros who lived here in addis a bit longer. things do change a great deal from my childhood, both exhilarating and unnerving all at once.


Hi everyone,

Welcome to all new members on  :)

@BONSO AMAN SHALE, please write in lower case, upper case is often synonym of "shouting".

Thank you in advance  :)


hiiiii all am graduating 2015 bsc in civil engineering @ mekele university,,,,,, i don;t have job stil now.........................My Full Name is Tekle berhane yohannes, age 24,

Hi Mimi...i just joined this blog..and im considering of moving me and my family back to ethiopia from the States. would love to hear about your experiences as you go along ..

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Hello everyone!

My Name is Daniel; and I'm a Logistician or Supply Chain Specialist living in Ethiopia. I'm graduate of Edinburgh Business School (MBA) and, apart from my regular work, I am also engaged in consulting and managing projects (mostly run by NGOs)  - specially those funded by major international donors like USAID, The World Bank (WB), European Union(EU), ICF, Global Fund etc.

It is my pleasure to be part of; and I'd be happy to share my experiences with anyone interested in SCM. :top:


Hello everyone.. I am Ana and I am planning to work in Ethiopia. It will be of great help if anyone could be a helping hand in settling down. I am a Filipino and please if there are Filipinos who have read my post I am grateful of any information you can bestow upon me. I was accepted as a professor in computer studies teaching in masteral level so please anyone from the academe that can be gracious enough to lend me a helping hand would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

I'm graduated by Business Management fro Jimma university and having three years exprience in government authority by different position as expert in Addis ababa and surrondig region so Within 3 years isolve d/t soceities problems regarding activities that occured in trade

Hi Ana
  Although I am not Filipino or live in Ethiopia I can just give you a basic knowledge about Ethiopia. First congrats on your movement. You will have a good time while your stay in Ethiopia. I have notice there are so many Filipino professors in Addis Abeba so once you get there you would be able to find more info. Until then try to go out Bole area and just hang out. That's where all foreigners comes to hang out and meet people. If there is anything in specific you need to know feel free to private message me and I will try my best to help. Good Luck and enjoy your time in Ethiopia.

my name is getaw whibe and I graduat from debre berihan university in civil engineering with CGPA 3.15 in 2007 E.C .if their is jop for me ,**

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THank you for being so kind. Did you lived or had the chance to stay in ethiopia? I really am not sure that I will be assigned in the capital most probably in the northen part. Can you please give me an idea on how life is in the northen part? That is if you have any knowledge or experience. Thank you. Have a nice day

   Yes, I do travel a lot and I am originally from Ethiopia. I have lived mostly in the city but I'v been in the north and else where. One thing I will tell you is you nothing to worry about anywhere you go. People are extremely friendly and sometimes if might over whelmed you. It;s just because they are interested in getting to know you that's all. They are also very helpful, Just take your time to get to know the area and the people. Also see if there is any activity after work where you can go and meet people. Make connection and don't be afraid to go out have fun with people you have meet and felt comfortable with. I am sure you will find plenty of people and you would definitely like it.


I am newly arrived expat now living
In Addis Ababa. I've been here more than a dozen times since 2011, but living here feels very different from coming for business trip.

I am from Korea and Canada, early 30s,
and work for GO and NGO as a project
manager. I am currently living mear bole
And meskel flower and will stay for about two years

Nice to meet u all~

Thank you for your warm and kind response..hope you have a good life

Hello Magpiehotel
I hope you enjoying Addis? It's my favorite place to travel even though it gets crowded sometimes.

My name is Gokhan and I am moving to Addis Ababa within 3 week because of new job assignment.
I submit my sincere salutes and respect to all members.
Hope to meet soon in real.

Ethiopian citizen living in Tigray region. I have MSC in soil sience and agricultural chemistry, worked as a senior soil survey expert in the Land Use Planning and Regulatory Department in Addis Ababa and as Regional Land Use Planning Department head for 8 years and now working as LIFT project coordinator in Tigray region.

my name is delelegn i am BA degree graduate in accounting
but want a job entitled with ligitics or upply chain coordinator and i do have above two years experience with this job i hope u will contact me.

My name is bargicho shukurato juhar I have BA Degree in accounting and finance  from adama science and technology university  and 2 years banking experience + peach tree accounting certificate

Hello! My Name Is Endalew Adisu Teshome. I Am Living In Gondar- Ethiopia. I Have Graduated From Mekelle University - Etiopia In Civil Engineer ( B.Sc). I Have Never Gone To Other Countries But Happy To Visit And Work In Other Countries Also.

I am Endalk Aragaw frow Debrebirhan around Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia .I am graduated from  Hawassa universty(Ethiopia) by BSC STATISTICS IN2015  i would like to meet u since i am new job seeker to work in effectively in my position. I have never gone to other country but i have a very great wish to go out side my country(Ethiopia) and to work effectively in my position and you will  accept me thank you,yours, Endalk  Aragaw.

hello my name Biruk Destaw and I am electrical engineering student in addis ababa university, I would like to meet with all of you people since I want to do a part time and full time job and

hi nice to meet you all

my name is jithu thomas jose am living in india am working as a staff nurse am interested to work as a nurse in ethopia


welcome to all new members of the Ethiopia forum :)

@ibro.2007 Since you are also a new member, a little introduction will be highly appreciated  ;)


Hello everyone, my name is Yen De Spiegelaere and I am 23 years old. I live in Belgium but I will soon (October) be moving to Ethiopia (Addis Ababa), which is why I am looking for a job. Traveling, foreign languages/cultures and photography are my biggest passions. I recently graduated from Ghent University as a translator (Dutch, English, Russian) and I am also a young aspiring photographer with a keen interest in graphic design and image processing. I have an avid dream to travel the world, I am very eager to work with international clients and I am always open to new job and travel opportunities.

Hi i'm Teddy from Ethiopia. I love to travel and take pictures of any memorable moments. And guess what my mobile camera taken pictures are awesome.

Hello everybody, My name is Degif, living in Addis Ababa. Planning to make friends with Ethiopian community in Copenhagen which may help me to create contacts during my stay at IT University of Copenhagen for 3 month research visit. Best ...

hello every one, i am new to this group and i think it is best option for my buisness. my buisness type is manufacturing woods and sell it to construction, furniture and other. contact me if you have related buisness, thank you

Hello, Greetings to All,
My name is Degif, a PhD student, software engineering at Addis Ababa University.
I am looking forward to visit IT university of Copenhagen from mid of Sept 2015 to mid of Dec. for 3 month, where my supervisor is working.
Looking for information about how to get housing conditions to rent at the city during my stay at the IT university

Thank you!

i 'm diro tolessa living in Ethiopia who graduated from hawassa university in
2012 G'C AND WOERKING at jimma unmiversity hospital
until now by proffessional nurse