Living in ditrict 2 but playing golf district 9

My French friend living in Hcm City over one year and like to play golf. He working in district 2 and feel like playing golf more but how to be suitable with this situation, Golf course is far district 2. His house is over 2000 $ and similar to villa price in district 9.  I hesitate to suggest with him why you dont live in district 9, one nice villa beside golf course convenient and feel living space more.  Whether my idea is good or not. How about your idea ?

It would make good sense to stay in D9 .

2 District is nice place to live, honestly. Next to Thu Thiem Bridge is Him Lam golf, but it is quite small. your friend can play in Phu My Hung golf club, near RMIT university. Not too far.
I don't recomment you to live in 9 District. A lot of factory and the moto way is dangerous.
Good luck

I would like to recommend your friend stay at District 9 next to golf courts, As you know the golf courts here very beauty and so big. About the traffic i think not a big problem because now from D 9 to D2 about 20 minutes by car and  you can transfer by metro way in the future. I guess about to 4 next years , D9 will develop as D2.

I think you shouldn't move to live in district 9. District 2 is growing strongly, and that is a pretty place to live.

in the next few years, District 9 will develop equivalent current District 2, convenient transportation, perfect facilities, so your advice is extremely accurate, if there is demand for the villa, apartment , please contact me

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