Mines ParisTech or Université de Liege to work in Belgium

Hi all,

As an industrial engineering graduate with 3 years of professional experience, I decided to move Belgium and to work in energy sector. In order to do so, I got acceptance from 2 master programs in energy, one in Mines ParisTech in Paris (master en énergie strategique), other one is in Université de Liège (2e année du grade de master en sciences et gestion de l'environnement, à finalité spécialisée en énergies renouvelables). Due to the fact that I don't know their reputation in Belgium, I am not sure which one would be better to choose.

Some details about programs:
Mines ParisTech: 17 month program which contains two five-month internships (one lab, one company).
Université de Liege: 'Master Specialité' program on renewable energy, lasts for 10 months. 

I would be glad if you can provide me some insight.


Cagatay Altintas

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