Agency fees?

I have been looking at some postings on websites like idealista, and it turns out that those postings from agencies, the real estate agency is asking an agency fee of 1-2 months rent! I understand they're doing a job - but this is a bit ridiculous since the service they are providing is to the owner, not to the renter.

What's your experience with this? Is it usual for the renter to say, no, the owner should be paying this?

I'm with you, since there is so much inventory on the market, it would be crazy to pay this fee.

Do you have any further info regarding this agency fees? I’m still looking for place to rent in Barcelona and my colleague is helping me out.
She listed all the possible apartment/house and includes the agency fee which cost 1 month read plus another extra fee which 12% of the monthly rental cost. 😞😞

As far as I know, this is pretty standard in Spain. We've paid such fees for all three of the places we've rented. While I agree that it is a lot of money for drawing up a contract, and in other countries it would be the owner paying the fee, I have always found the estate agents to be very helpful in sorting out problems, etc, throughout the duration of the rental. So you are sort of paying a fee for their ongoing service.

It is standard the only way to not pay it is to go without an agency (it was also standard in France)

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