"I NEED ADVICE" please help me :)

i have a girlfriend from azerbaijan she is living in baku
i can't speak turkish or russian plus i can't work anything except accountant and i dont have much money bcuz their hight currency value
she want me to marry her and live with her in baku and she told me u can find a job when u come
it will be gd if i come or not i dont want make an upset family or beg there :(
hope anyone help me and give me advice abt going there or search for another solution
muhammad nabil

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brother how r u?
i am liviving here in baku from last 1 n half year/
my observation is that its very hard to find job here except constraction labour or higher degree of engineering sector.
job oppertunity for asian or foreigner is very taff here/

so please dont take any decission with emotion.....
i think u cant make good life here...

Two things, you will not be able to stay there legally unless you marry her. Secondly, most expats that I know need to have a job first before they are granted a work visa and residence permit. So, I am sorry, I don't think you could stay there going by your present circumstances. Either marry your girlfriend and/or get yourself a job before you go there!

Ha7a Salam 3alikum 5aifak will even my fiance is from Baku and i will be moving there soon however learning Azerbaijani or Russian will get you a job there English is the third spoken language there

Hello. I will write my situation and you see if to come to Azerbaijan is something for you to think about. I got education in State university, experienced administrator, I interpret from and into Russian, Azerbaijani, English and Turkish, my hobby is sewing and I am sewing any type of clothes BUT I am looking for a job more than 2 years. Here companies are closing one after other. A lot of people are without job. Salaries are not high. You simple can not live for that salary. Especially if you rent apartment and have family. My friends are educated and experienced people and most of them are standing without job at this moment. Hope all will go fine with state economy that we will come out from this situation. If you are married with Azerbaijani citizen then you will get permission to live in Azerbaijan and work (if you find it)

Hi. I am a male nurse. I have chance to work in baku. Can anyone guide me. What Will be a decent salary. How house rent their. Is it safe to bring child and wife. Any baby day care is available. Pls. Comfort on this

Hi. Are you sure you will get job here?
For a man to lives here with his family it is very ok. People will trust and respect you more if you are here with family than without it. Family values are high here. It is safe for woman to be out daytime, but as in any country late hours she better goes out together with husband.
you can rent apartment starting from 400 AZN (USD 1=AZN 1.75).
The entity that hires you must officially try to prove "why They want to bring worker from abroad?" It is policy of the country because a lot of people are standing without work today. And state more interested to give work to its citizens.
You need to have some kind of special education/training that here no one has this training for them not to compete with you. otherwise you wont get work permit from Migration Entity.

I am a specialised cardiac nurse. Do you think, they have more nurses in the country.

We have a lot of nurses. We have only in Baku 2 colleges that each year several hundreds of nurses are graduating. Here nurse must know all areas of medicine. We don't have separation for specific fields like nurse cardiology, or any other area. 
If you were promised that you will get a job here you can get it. But if you are just leaving with "I will for sure find a job" it is wrong it wont happen.
Your employer need to guarantee that you will get work permit from Migration entity. Without work permit you wont be permitted to start to work. If Migration will find out that you started to work without work permit, your employer will be fined AZN 30K.
If you will wait for your work permit you have to sit without job 1 month and wait for your documents.

That's ot but. I Pls let me know. What's average salary. How's Children day care facility. Transport system etc

Here nothing is for free. Even a the state kindergarten  you need to pay not official fee. Salaries are not covering expenses. Just now we have economical crisis. Only since December 2014 currency lost power against USD from AZN 1.16 to 1.75. It is getting dangerous in this side side people has a lot of credits. Banks are getting bankrupted. You can  find all info on news if you want

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If you are good at your job you can easily find a one here in Baku

Sorry, hardly can you find a job in Azerbaijan without knowing neither Azeri, Turkish nor Russian. Maybe you can in some foreign companies for ex. AIOC, BPC that is not easy to find a job in these companies. Sorry again for making yu sad. However, Allah is great. He will help you.

Hello Dear i am from pakistan i need some information dear someone offering me employment visa and he is saying the cost will be 1500 us doller so i want to know hou much fee of trp.plz guide me

Its obviously Scam . IM not sure but I guess 🤔
Coz its should be your employer will be the one will shoulder all of your expenses and give you employment visa for free...

Thanx for reply. But all employers not give free visa.i am in dubai there are many employers take visa cost.

Oh really..  i had been working in dubai and abudhabi for 4years with 2 employers but i didnt pay anything like visa cost. Even i got employer here in Azerbaijan.. i dont pay anything too.. even flight ticket and visa
Best of luck to you.

I am still working in dubai also worked in three company i also dont pay anything.but some emplyer take visa cost not everyone.

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