Electric Development Company asking $1000- giving $6000 salary.Advise!

Dear All,

Please help..............

My friend got a job offer in Electricity Development Company, Yaounde.
Pls inform if it is good company.Are their any Asian (Indian , Chinese , etc ) expat working in the company

He got a package of $6000+accommodation+family status+travelling allowance.
The agency is asking him to pay $1000 as refundable amount before the Visa and Air ticket.

Whether the agency is asking the right fee and is the salary enough for new comers?whether it is safe place for working?

Hello shekharnewexpat2014

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Beware of Scams! A company asking for money before undergoing any formal procedures is quite strange. Usually the company ask nothing, they pay for every formalities.

Expat.com Team

Don't have anything to do with it. Asking for fees up front is nearly always a scam.