my name is Gabriela and I come from Slovakia. I moved to Catalonia in June 2014 and I started to write a blog about it.

I am thinking of writing a few posts based on interviews with people who have come to live here.

I wonder if anybody would like to take part in this? I have about thirteen questions - just the sort of things that people ask me all the time: what do you like, don't like, miss about your country, etc.

I also would like to ask you for some photos (4-5 about you in Catalonia).

If you would like to do it then I can send you the questions and you can answer in your own time.

Thank you for considering the answer.  :)

Best wishes,


Hello Gabriela,

To start you can drop an ad in the classifieds section > Looking for testimonies in Girona to collect maximum info from members.

You can also ad your blog in the Blogs from expats in Girona ;)

Thank you,

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