We bought both bikes in Ho-Chi-Minh-City from an Austrian couple. It took us all the way to Hanoi without any problems. We are selling it because we are going on to China.

Both bikes are in Sa Pa right now, we are travelling to Hanoi tomorrow and we will be there on the 22th of March for test-driving/checking out.

Both bikes are 4-gear Honda Wins replicas including the Blue Registration Cards.

The previous owner
* changed both rear tires
* changed both chains and cogs
* replaced the front and rear breaks of both bikes

We increased comfort
* by adding a new seat cover at one bike
* by changing the starter at one bike for smoother starting
* by changing the clutch at one bike (the other one was replaced by the previous owner)

We changed
* the oil every 500km
*  some minor parts like bearings, rubber parts, light bulbs, horn, rack...during regular checks at the mechanic

....everything is working except the speedometers at both bikes (like at all Honda Wins).

The only trouble we had was with one bike, the luggage rack was broken and we bought a new one, which broke again, so we got it welded several times...

* bag racks
* tension belts
* rain trousers and rain ponchos/coats
* glove-like covers for the front handle bars (nice and cozy when it's cold)
* Vietnam Road Atlas
* two helmets

If you want only one bike it's USD250, for both bikes it's USD450.
Please message me via whatsapp as I don't have a local phone number and we can arrange to meet up.

Matt: 004915118816953     or    m.baur[at]live.com

So what do you have to do or buy before starting to your awesome motorbike adventure?
Go to the next petrol station and fuel up....and listen to our stories😄...you will get an introduction in how to maintain and drive your motorbikes and how to ask at the mechanic in Vietnamese.

Some pictures pf our or your motorbikes....:-)

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