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I seek your assistance and advice.  My wife and I are seriously considering moving from the Caribbean to French Polynesia.  I am a natural farming agricultural consultant with 40 years experience in this work..  We desire to start a totally natural farm and learning center (in Moorea?) at which we would share our experiences and sell our produce.  We specialize in growing lettuce in the tropics.  Please advise as to whom we could contact to proceed with this project.  Merci beaucoup

I'll try to help. I am an expat engineer from USA and retired in Papeari on the island of Tahiti. Were you trying to start a business here or trying to start a school to teach others to farm here? There are several governmental departments that may be applicable. Have you researched to see if there is a need for this type of industry here? Who would be your customers? Give me some more details on your ideas and I'll try to connect you with the appropriate departments.
Manarii (Steve)

Dear Friend,
Thank you for your response.  I am interested in helping people.  According to my research French Polynesia is not producing enough food to feed itself. For this reason a crisis is looming there.  I have experience in growing food that has nutrition and which increases soil fertility.  All true wealth comes from the earth.  This is fundamental.  The most important work for man is to farm in a manner that follows guidelines to accomplish both nutrition and increased soil fertility.  My purpose is not to establish a school to this end but rather a model that manifests this fundamental.  This is not a business but one of the joys of my life.  I would plan to serve the community in providing them the benefits of eating nutrition while improving the environment in which they live in. This will be self-evident and will produce true wealth for the people who partake in the effort.  In the very near future food, but especially food grown naturally and nutritionally, will be the MOST valuable resource.  It is our first duty to ourselves
and our fellow men to be healthy or to be a blessing to others.  As quality costs more in the world's estimate there is a market everywhere for the products of natural (not organic, a legal term) farming.  Is this not fundamental and desireable?  Thank you for any help that you may provide in contacting men or women who would be interested in having me and my wife as their neighbors.  Aloha! 
Au revoir,

Ia Orana Kanale,
I understand your response, but you didn't mention where or how you need help. There certainly is land you can buy and start a farm. If you are more specific as to the help you need, I will try to assist.  By the way, I'd like to know where you did your research, because I am not aware of any food supply problems here. The natural land here is very fertile due to the volcanic derived soil. There is certainly an adequate supply of wonderful local vegetables, fruits, and seafood. Pork and other meats are plentiful. Some high end items are imported from France and other countries, but certainly not "needed" for sustenance. Let me know where you need help.


Thank you for the good news about the availabilty of fresh produce.  I inferred the problem from reading the CIA report on nations and the fact that food prices are high from other travel sites on French Polynesia.  Are nuts and seeds readily available such as macadamias for eating and native open pollinated seeds for planting?  Are there native nuts other than coconuts?   Has the islands been invaded by gmo seeds?  Are there any seaweeds available?

What is the minimum amount of money one has to have to establish evidence of one's ability to be self-supporting in the pursuit of a visa in the way of investment? or retirement?  From abroad is the French consulate to be contacted to begin this process?

I have studied in mainland America; I have farmed in Hawaii, Central America and am presently farming in the Dominican Republic.  I would appreciate contacting and communicating with natives involved with subsistence farming who are able to read and write in English.  My french has long been out of practice though I do read it fairly well.  My wife and I are also hygienists with specialities in Lomi  Lomi, Swedish and chiropractic massage, ozone therapists, hydrotherapists. herbalists and certified teachers.  We request that you provide us with people who we could communicate with in these areas as well if possible.

Thank you for any advice or help that you may provide as to the above.


Dear Friend,

If you are still interested in providing me contacts as per my last post please respond to  Thank you.  Kanale

@Kanale Mareko Hello!  Did you ever make it to Moorea? We might move there and we would love to learn about correct farming and producing food ourselves.  But we are still beginners and would love to learn or take courses.