Looking for a job as a tourist guide

Hello everyone
me ( tunisian ) and my irish wife are thinking to move to live in French Polynesia
she has 9 years of experience in health care and im graduated as a tour guide, i can speck english, french and of course arabic.
can anyone help us with any info how can we get a job please? inbox us

Are you French citizens? You would be better off investing and starting your own business. The economy is not very good here right now, so it is unlikely that you will find a job, because any jobs created are given first to native Tahitians due to the 25-30% unemployment. If you move here, you will have to show the French government that you have the financial means to support yourself or you will not get a long term visa. And tourism is very slow here right now. Let me know if you need any further information.
Manarii Tane (Steve), Papeari, Tahiti (I am an American who retired here.)

Hi souhayel,

I suggest your post an ad in the Hotel, catering, bar, restaurant and tourism jobs in French Polynesia section please ;)

Thank you

P.s - Thank you for your contribution manarii :)

Expat-blog Team