Expat Residency in French Polynesia

My wife and I are retired in France and considering moving to Tahiti.  So far we have found the cost living and real estate prices are within our budget.  Our main question/concern are the conditions for long term residency in French Polynesia.  My wife is a French national and I am American with French Residency card, domicile in France and I file tax returns in France and the US.  Do I need to anything more administratively in French Polynesia to become a permanent resident in Tahiti?


The requirement for residency in Tahiti that stops most people, is that they must show that they can support themselves without working here or being a burden on society, by having adequate funds. Things here are very expensive, much more so than in Europe or USA. I retired here in Papeari, Tahiti after I sold my medical device business in USA. I wish you the best of luck.

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Steve (Manarii Tane, my Tahitian name given to me by my Maohi family)

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I can afford to support myself with my teachers pension  my issue is learning enough french to pass the French 2 exam to get my french nationality  My father was born in tahiti and I have land in moorea and want to build a house there 

Kathy Sarah Teioatua Orimai POROI-RICHMOND 

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I am curious if you made it to Tahiti ?


Also if you buy property in FP wouldn't be enough to get long stay visa ?

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Im not retired from teaching yet  Yes, i understand I can get a long term visa if I own land but that means I need to leave Tahiti for some period of time and the land I plan on building on is my great grandmother's land which I am inheriting, not buying 


I have been trying to get my French citizenship through my father who was born in Tahiti.  Recently the French govt changed the rules and now requires people seeking French nationality to pass a French language exam. 


Hello, We are French living in San Diego, and just acquired a place in Puna'auia, with the intention of spending a few months per year there.

My husband & I are retired from the medical diagnostic field,  I'll be interested in hearing your perspective on your experience The good, the bad & the hugly😉


Enjoy Tahiti!  its a beautiful place with beautuful people.  i am just waiting for the land of my family to be given to the living family members from the court and i will be there a few months at a time.