Looking for conscious people and alternative way of thinking people!!!

HeLLLO eVERYone!!!!!

This is a call for anyone who is interesting in alternative way of thinking, against commercial exploitation of any kind. Anyone rasta, or hippy,with a spiritual soul, travelers, ravers, vegetarian activist, who like reggae or trance music, please drop a line!!!

Surabaya is not THE perfect place to meditate with the pollution, no piece of nature... but there's the smile of people and Bali very close.

Anyway I'm looking for people to find where are the alternative parts of Surabaya!!!! Cuz I'm sure it does exist somewhere!!


So, when did the EPL* movement migrate from Ubud, Bali to Surabaya, Java?   :D

*EPL...Eat, Pray, Love.

I can assure you what will follow, and it's also known as the EPL movement.

But, in this case it stands for Eat, Pay, Leave.   :lol:

I just got to Surabaya a week ago and today I went to a vegan restaurant! It's called Ahimsa Vegan Resto and literally everything on the menu is vegan, which was a relief since the words 'vegan' and 'vegetarian' are loosely interpreted by locals in Asia. I spoke to the owner and he is also vegetarian so the place is completely legit! Anyway, this is one place which might be to your liking OP!

Hello, everyone..
i went vegan since last year September, my life journey as early since child living in many places around the world one of eye openers going vegan,

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