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Hello all,

Have just signed up as I am looking for some information that doesn't seem to be present on the internet.

I recently spent 6 months in Vietnam on a 3 month single entry tourist visa that I extended. I departed late July to visit the UK and would now like to return for another 6 month stint.

Do I need to have a specific amount of time away from the country before they will issue me with another visa (this time I would like a multi-entry visa).

Also from reading on here, I have noticed people mentioning a straight 6 month visa? Is this possible? However I have no problem with extending a 90 day visa again if necessary.

I only ask as I am currently pondering as to applying for a 60 day extendable Thai visa in order to allow more time to pass between my visits to Vietnam. However if anybody can offer confirm whether or not it will be OK for me to apply for another 90 day visa only a month after having completely 2x90 visas then I will probably head straight back to Vietnam.

Any advice given would be greatly appreciated.


You can return immediately.  As for the 6-month vIsa -- I haven't heard of that, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

How do you get your visa?  If you do visa-on-arrival (through a website such as, then they should be able to guide you.  Or there's always the local Vietnamese embassy/consulate.

Thank you very much for that. 3 month extendable is fine, in the past I've just gone through the consulate in Sihanoukville. Did a visa on arrival once a few years back - only by luck did I notice they had only issued me a 2 day visa! Luckily I checked before being stamped in, so much prefer going in person if I have the time. My only reservation was that when I applied for my original 90 days the lady acted a bit odd - the only visa they were advertising at the time was 30 day, and she asked if I'd been to Vietnam recently (which I hadn't). Though it was the day before the Tet holiday began so maybe they were being a little stricter than usual.

Thanks again for your help, I'll probably just use the PP embassy this time just to be on the safe side.

IF YOU ARE IN THAILAND, GET YOUR VN VISA THERE. There are several consulates dotted around Thailand.

Leave BKK on the first bus for PP and you can get to HCM on the same day. Don't forget you'll need a Cambodian visa and PICTURES!

If you are going BKK>>SGN get your visa in Bangkok at the VN Embassy - cheaper than using agents.

Embassy website: [ ] (Official)

READ: [ … 0826215836 ] as it details the fake embassy websites.

I was in Snookville a couple of weeks ago and the Trade Official said the latest rules limit Tourist Visas to 3-months. NO 6 or 12 month visas.

Even if you are sold a 6 or 12 month visa, the guy at the border can change anything about the visa including duration.

(There again, the rules might change any day - only in VN)

Normally you can extend your visa 2 times whether it is multiple entry or single entry. If you would like to travel outside Vietnam, then I suggest a multiple entry visa which allows you to travel out and come back. If you don't intent to travel overseas during your stay here then just apply and extend the single entry which you can save a lot bucks!
1 year, 6 month visas are out of immigration law and visa rules but some 'Kings' still play with that game in overseas embassy/consulate like Cambodia. Once you got that visa (very rare) it's acceptable by 'agents' (immigration staff) in Mocbai  :)
To enter Vietnam, you apply online or through your acquaintances in Vietnam as suggested by Dan.

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