New to Hangzhou (living in Linping)


I just moved to Linping to teach for the next year and would like to meet some people that live in the area (or in Hangzhou in general), have very basic Chinses so English or Spanish speakers would be nice.

Also any suggestions about places to hang out (bars, cafes, parks...) around Linping would be greatly appreciated. I know that I can take the subway to Hangzhou downtown area (and will probably do this often), but would love to have some spots to hang out in when I don't feel like commuting all the way.


Hi there, welcome to Hangzhou and live here.

Welcome to Hangzhou. My we chat : A229422

Hello my name is Annekathrin, I`m 24 years and a german student. I will travel to Hangzhou from 27th of august up to to 21th of september. I dont't know any person in Hangzhou and searching for other expats, who want to stay there freetime together.

Do you just meet any other expats in Hangzhou?

Greetings! Annekathrin

Hello, I will be moving to Hangzhou Lin Ping soon do TEFL. Where are you teaching and what is it like there?

Hi Carol Swiegelaar and welcome to,

When are you planning to move to Hangzhou?

Noting that the last post is from 2014, i would advice you to create a new topic on the Hangzhou forum. This will place make your topic more visible to other members of the Hangzhou forum and provide you for better response.


Hi, I'm moving to Hangzhou in September. I never thought I'd imagine hearing Spanish in China.I'm posting just to see if someone responds with somewhere to hang out and other people to hang out with.

Hi I'm no longer living in Linping (I moved south of Hangzhou). But there is a weChat group that was recently created for expats that live in Linping. Let me know when you are in the area (and your weChat ID) and I can put you in touch with one of them.

well I am very new to hangzhou I don't know any thing or any place or anybody....... I just spend my time at room sufring the internet and reading books dunno where to go


My wife and I have been in Linping district of Hangzhou now for a couple of months, and have explored quite a bit. Found a couple of nice places to go, and places to shop.