Accommodation / Short Term Rental in Phnom Penh Area

Hello.  I'm looking for a place in the PP area for approx. 2 months (possibly longer if all goes well) from late Aug 14.  Prefer a clean, modern (mix of western / asian style) place in a flood free, quiet area (but not graveyard quiet) with some restaurants / coffee bars / places to meet and talk to both locals and ex-pats nearby.  I'm want to learn both the Khmer and Vietnamese languages so if you are looking to improve your english language skills and would be happy to do so over a coffee / tea / beer / meal please drop me a line.  Thank you.

Regards,  Bubly

Hi Bubly,

Welcome on board :)

I invite you to please post an advert in the Housing in Phnom Penh section as it might help :)

Thank you


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