Share house/ short term rental/ cheap hotel...

Hey everyone,
I need somewhere to stay for a month or so while I look for a permanent residence in tana.
I'm very flexible, however I do have a medium sized dog with me.
If anyone knows of someone with a spare room, or cheapish rental properties, or even a cheap hotel which is dog friendly I'd love to hear about it.
I'd like to be walking distance from the city center as well. Not too much to ask hey? Haha
Apart from that I'm keen to get involved in a gym, any kind of sporting teams, and if anyone is keen for a beer anytime just let me know. So if you have any info on that I'm all ears. I'll be arriving early August.

Hi Ryan,

I invite you to please post an advert in the Housing in Antananarivo section as it might help :)

And have a look at the list of hotels in Antananarivo in our directory ---> here please :)

Thank you


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