Pinoy Expat in Bogota?!

Hi, looking for pinoy expat in Bogota, Colombia. Just arrived the country few weeks ago and knowing and meeting pinoy expat like me would be of great help of not being alone in this foreign land.

hello, im leo im living in bogota, and my fiancee is filipina shes arriving here isoon,!! wed like to meet more filipino here in bogota !!!!

hi Pinoy here in Colombia

[at]jolecodi2015 Hello. I'm a Filipina. I'd like to know which airline route did you girlfriend take for her MNL-BOG destination if it's allright. I'm planning as well to visit Bogota City. Thank you!

I am Jay, expat teacher here in Saudi Arabia. After my contract I want to teach in Colombia but I don't know how to start?
Is there any site or agency that you can recommend to me?
Thank you very much. I am really looking forward to go there.

Hi I’m pinay from bogota

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Hi, i want to meet filipino in colombia.

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