anybody up for hiking?

hi everyone, i am living in Austria in Molln since Oct 2013, i speak english and a little bit german, i love to go hiking and i my looking forward to make new friends, i live in molln which is kalkalpen national park with good hiking place .  if anyone interest to go hiking you can feel free to contact me,


I am also interested to go hiking with some people but I live in Wien ! If people are interested in this topic, please reply so we can organize something !

[at]kids : we can try to organize something in the middle. What do you think ? Do you have a car ? (I do have).



Hallo Ben,
wasnt been here for sometimes, well that will be a good idea,

Ben, I live 30km south of Vienna -Baden area (1 hour away on the train)

Could arange somethig Im sure


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