Brunei laws

My partner is in the process of a job application for an electrical engineer at Brunei airport and we would like to clear a few things up with other expats before he accepts any offer. Firstly what is considered an acceptable package for an employee with a family looking to relocate for 2 years, ie, wage scale, accommodation and schooling allowance? Secondly how do  the international schools compare to UK school system? Thirdly myself and partner are not married and I am still legally married to my ex husband of five years as he wont comply with a divorce, I am extremely concerned that this would be regarded as adultery under shariya law and worried about being punished by authorities, even though we  are non-muslim, are there any others out there who are in the same situation, would we even be accepted as possible candidates for immigration? Lastly my partner has an old criminal record for petty crime and wondered how this would affect work permits, visas etc?

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