Cost of living in Estonia

Hi everybody,

It would be very interesting and helpful to start a topic about the cost of living in Estonia.

(Don't forget to mention where you are living)

Let's compare the:

> accommodation prices (how much does it cost to rent or to buy an accommodation?)

> public transportation fares (tube, bus etc ...)

> food prices(per month, how much does it cost you?)

> health prices (for those who need medical insurance)

> eduction prices (if you need to pay)

> energy prices (oil, electricity)

> common bills (Internet, television, telephone, mobile phone)

> prices of a good menu in a traditional restaurant

> prices of a beer and or a coffee in a regular pub

> price of the cinema

Did I forget something or is this list complete enough?

Thanks in advance for your participation!

Sent by Lily2006 in oct 2006

In Estonia (except Tallinn)

accommodation: rent, 180 euros approx for 1 bedroom apartment
transport: a bus ticket costs 60cents (euro)

Food prices... a loaf of bread costs about 50 cents euro at most

Beer price: 1.30 eur

Food in restaurant: in a normal place, for three people it's about 13 euros.

Sent by poiss in April 2007

TALLINN Capital of Estonia

Accomodation: Surbubian,not good condition 300 Euros,Good condition,center of Tallinn 500-600 Euros for two bedroom flat (bills inluded)

PUBLIC TRANSPORT : 16 euros per month

Food prices: 30-40 Euros per week

Internet 10 Euros,Telephone mobile 10-20 Euros per month

Food in traditional restaurant 7-10 Euros,touristy places 20 Euros

A coup of coffee 1-1.20 Euros

Beer: 2-2.20 Euros for 500 ml

Cigarettes:1.60-2 .00 Euros per pack

Taxi ride :10 km  8 Euros

Averige wages in Tallinn 700 Euros per month 600 after tax

I confirm the last post by poiss
few changes only :

- rent prices have slighlty decreased
- Internet has increased a bit
- food prices have increased: monthly approx. 250€-300€ depending on your lifestyle...


The cost of a semester at the
University of Tartu as a medical
student in the English group is:      ~3500€

After two years the classes are in Estonian and the costs are cut down to the half of the previous sum. During the 2 first years there are Estonian intensive courses to be taken from the University (included in the tution fee)

Hi! Could someone help me to find a big but not expensive flat/house in Tallinn for a month during summer please?

than wrote:

Hi! Could someone help me to find a big but not expensive flat/house in Tallinn for a month during summer please?

Some of the best websites for finding that information are Kuldne Borss and Soov and you can also find English option there. If you are already in Estonia you can just buy the newspaper with the same names mentioned above.

when's spring time in Estonia?

V.Konrad wrote:

when's spring time in Estonia?

It is still snowing in Estonia, believe it or not. In general spring should start about end of April, it is when you can actually feel the spring in the air.

Hi to everybody!! I ll move soon in tallin for 6 months coz work and I am desperate to retrieve information about apartments and flat!! anyone can suggest me something??

Regarding to most places in Europe, I think Estonia is an inexpensive place to live. A typical meal from a fast food restaurant costs 35EEK (2.23 EUR/$2.77); at a bar, a typical meal might cost twice that, about 75EEK (4.46 EUR/$5.54). Local bus and train travel is also cheap compared to other European estimate of the cost of living for students indicates that the average salary in Estonia was 6748 EEK per month (1 EUR = 15,6466EEK). The estimated basic living expenses - added to housing costs - are between 2500 and 3000EEK (160-200 EUR/$12.68-15.90) per month; a private flat in the city of Tartu costs on average about 5000EEK (320 EUR/$25.40) per month. In terms of hotel accommodation, the prices range from about 230EEK (14.65 EUR/$18.25) for a shared dormitory, to about 600EEK for a middle class single room; for a five star single room, the price is as much as 2700EEK (172 EUR/$13.65) per night.
The cost of living in Estonia, compared to the rest of Europe, is quite low. The average monthly cost of life of international students can be estimated as follows:
(1 EUR = 15,6466 EEK).
Meals           3 000
Accommodation     1 100
Transport       120
Miscellaneous       800    
Total             5 020 EEK

The prices of the meals offered in the university cafeterias range from 15 EEK (0,95 EUR) to 35 EEK (2,20 EUR).

dear all,
i was wondering...all those prices mentioned in the emails above...are they still true? from what i heard, the cost of living is not that much different anymore from countries like germany. can anyone comment on that?


IMO it's quite hard to make ends meet with average salary in Estonia, but since I'm at work, I won't make a big list of the prices, but the 1st post still has quite the similar numbers.