I am happy_kid.
I would love to receive msgs from pinay who is currently in Berne.
Maayung Adlaw!

maayong buntag aha man na dapit nang berne. .

Riedbachstrasse ra cu... :) medyo layu man
Ta.. :D

hello......pinay here.... :) hello guys.... musta kau jan

I'm in Berne, just near the city :-) Would love to meet other Filipinos

Hello Jenn! Good to know you are from bern! Btw im fron cebu! How long you've been here?

I was born in Manila but both my parents are from Cebu,I consider myself a Cebuana. Its my 3rd time here ,(First 1 month,2nd 2 months)and now 3 months.We just came back from holidays.Ill go back to Cebu end of this month,but hopefully next year I'll stay here for good. I saw many Thai people here,not much Filipinos so I wanted to start a small group of Filipinos,we can meet and dine together,cook filipino cuisines and meet regularly.Although I am independent ,you know our culture ,its hard to fight homesickness sometimes so its really nice to meet some of our kababayan :-)

:) I see.. sounds like a plan! I would love to meet you... hmm do u speak bisaya? Btw, im from cordova cebu!

Sure,Bisaya jud ko! Taga Cebu ko sa City ,but taga Alegria akong parents :-) sure hopefully before I go,..

hello... kamusta... :)

Hello hello! Maayu Rcu... ikaw? Bago ka sa switz?

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Hello there, I'm a Filipina who lives in
the Canton of Berne and I've been
contemplating on making an activity
worth the time. I thought that we have
been very blessed to be in such a
beautiful place that probably others
are just dreaming about. The thought
of capturing/documenting that while
traveling gives jitters to my body
in a really positive way. So I planned
to travel around Switzerland and just
keep snapping pictures along the way
and making a "day note" as well and
the thought of meeting another Filipino
in that area would be an added bonus.
I'm hoping to start this very soon so
please hit me a message. Thank you
and so looking forward to this.

Hello..... i am here near Locarno switzerland... i would love to have more friends... im from davao... pls message me

hello everyone

I’m Filipina who live in bern,i’m new to this site and i didnt meet any kabayan here in bern...hope to have new friends 😊

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