la vit en belaeus

my name is islam , nee 7/7/1988
25 years old from tunisia 7 km to capital, ? single ?...not smoke.. not drink alcohol.. i prefer sports in my free time...
and i born between mom and father and 1 brother and 2 sister's and i'm the big,my physique in good situations,Living well financially and begin school is at 1993 (5 years old) to 2000..
i ended my school 2004 on 9 of the Basic Education,
and Then my father decided to teach me the art of auto mechanics and  i Obtained diploma at edit and repair car at 2007_2008 in school army
and i go to work there in this specialty in (scrap
and on 2009__2010 i go to serves army
and i work server in coffee (A short period) ..and in 2010 i go to work o company of appliances his name "beko" ..
in some time i'm study office technician and i Obtained there my diploma .
and now i'm in stage in big print in tunisia with my father to learn more And gained experience..
i will get my work there and n order not to forget i'm dancer (break dance Since 2001) and with  my nature  i know how to make someone happy all the time. I'm a sweet, loving, caring person and  I'm friendly and would like to make new friends from over the world because I am very passionate and excited about new ideas and people
I'm most of the time in a great mood and love to make others smile
I believe life is a great big adventure with so much to discover and many opportunities
But I'm not going to do any of all that dirty stuff. Don't ask me for nudes  .

Hi islam,

Welcome to and thank you for this introduction :)

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Have you been to Belarus before?

Have a nice day,


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