Alcohol and drugs in Mongolia

I would like to know if there is a big drug/alcohol problem in Mongolia. If so, is it mainly in Ulanbatar or is it all over the country including remote areas?

Alcohol is a problem, but I guess not as bad as Russia.
1st day of the month is an "alcohol-free day". (illegal to sell alcohol)
Mongolians drink copious amount of alcohol for birthdays, weddings...
I know some who use drugs in UB and I was told that its not illegal to USE drugs, but is illegal to SELL drugs.

I wouldn't touch drugs in Mongolia with a 10 foot stick (buying OR selling) as the expat I'm sure they'd find some way to stick you in a freezing Mongolian jail for years.

Alcoholism is a huge problem here though.

Since 2007 it is forbidden to drink in public, and the situation improved much. I know Mongolia since 2005. The sunday prohibition lasted only some months, but the 1st of month prohibition (and election day +-1 d) still exists and most bars tend to close at midnight.

Drugs... somewhere seen on parties, "green" or "black" smoking stuff, and (probably homebrew) LSD. Druck trafficking is under jail penalty, 1-3 years in Baganuur state prison will cure everyone. There are also the bank robbers, the childish-girl-rapers and murders.

I think we drink normally. I've been to European countries, and there i saw not a big difference. Bars, pubs and clubs are full on Friday and Saturday nights. Ceremonies, celebrations, wedding, birthday parties etc... never without alcohol. Beer and Vodka mostly drunk.
Drugs... very rare and taboo. Couple of years ago some rock celebrities were jailed merciless for trafficking. Taught a good lesson to others I guess.

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