Looking for any English speaking people

My name is Michelle.  I'm from Austin, TX and going to be living in Dongtan. I am moving with my husband and 6 month old baby. I'm looking for any English speaking people in the area.  So far, none are visible to me.

Hi Michelle,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

I created a new thread with your post on the South Korea forum, maybe it will be easier now for you to get into contact with people who talk in english.

If you have a look to the threads available in the Networking South Korea section, you will see some members who actually are interacting in english and who are willing to meet new people. ;)

Hope it helps

Priscilla  :cheers:

Hello Michelle,
Welcome to Korea,  I'm from Pflugerville myself and I living in Cheongju since 2009. I love it

hi michelle
welcome to south korea forum, i speak english vry well so you send a massage any time.

Greetings from an Indian Professor who too joined recently in an American University in Incheon (South Korea). Welcome to this part of the world - highly developed and still maintaining its many old oriental traditions and rich heritage. The only thing that will pinch everybody it is highly costly place. Unbelievably, one piece of (bigger size) onion (may be around 50 gms. or above) costing one US dollar, No milk is available for less than 4 USD per litre unless its expiry date is close by. Poorest quality of (thick) rice (which only poorest people eat in India) is costing 4 USD per kg. So, it may be advisable if you take with you eatables, spices, especially garlic as much as you can. Do not bring electronic goods which may be cheaper here.  One piece of bath soap (say 100 gms.) is costing one USD which is also the cost of a (minimum) single bus/metro trip fare. With best wishes, Prof. Dr. RB Misra

I speak english very well and fine

Hello friends,my name is Austin,am a young man from Nigeria and I will like to meet people from korea that speaks english

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