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I will be relocating to Vietnam in about 2 months from now, to join my wife who is working in Hanoi.

Since there is very little information available online or otherwise about getting a family dependent visa for Vietnam, would greatly appreciate some inputs on this from other expats from their similar experiences.

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Devang Bhatt
Seoul, South Korea
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If you and your family want to live in Vietnam for long time, Your wife has to have resident card.
Then she and her company will act as guarantee for your family to get in and stay in Vietnam as long as defined in her resident card.
Need advice referring visa, work permit, legal advice... pls pm me.

Anne dang :

Need advice referring visa, work permit, legal advice... pls pm me.

Why ask to pm you? I'm sure many people here on the forum would be interested with the information you have! Just explain it here pls<

i will share what i know in here if someone have question.

Hi Anne Dang,

I know this is an old thread but I hope you can help on one issue: what is the requirement to be a family member? I am currently living with my partner in UK and am considering a position in Vietnam. However, we are not yet married and therefore I am doubting we could get a family permit for her as well.

It would be nice if you - or somebody else - had some information.



Hi MV,

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As you also mentioned, you posted on an old thread and you may not receive any reply to your question.

So I would suggest you to create a new discussion on the Vietnam forum and post all your relevant questions. I am sure the members will be able to provide you with useful answers.

Thank you and best of luck.

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