Indonesian nanny living in Kent

Hi, I am an Indonesian nanny living in Kent. I am also looking for friends! Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Hi Darsi and welcome to :)

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Since how long are you in Kent? Any places of interest that you prefer?

Have a nice day,


HI Darsi...

Nice to meet you here,,, would u text me to mail email? here is my email rita_stv[at]

Hello Darsi

How are you ?

I was on the site & I noticed your message.

I am a English guy age 37 & my name is Donald Patterson

you said you are looking for friends so I thought it would be nice to send you my message to contact you.

I have traveled to INDONESIA 2 times before.
I have traveled to 4 places in INDONESIA before in my 2 holidays there.The 1st time I went to Bali & Surabaya & also to a small Volcano not far from Surabaya on that side of the Island of JAVA.

Bye the way, which part of INDONESIA are you from ?. Do you like it here ? in ENGLAND.

have a nice day

& goodnight Darsi from Donald

Hi Darsi,
Are you still here in Kent

Hi Darci, how are you? Are you still in Kent?

Hi all and welcome to the Forum.

Darci has not logged on the Forum for over 4 years, so you are unlikely to get any response to your message.  If you have any specific expat questions, please post them on the Forum and maybe somebody else can help you.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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