Want to hang out?

Hi every one!

I'm new on this website and was wondering if anyone here lives in Sidcup, Kent or around? I ve been living in London for 3 years, and have moved in Sidcup a year ago. I have seen all my French friends go back to France, and am willing to hang out with French people ;) So if you live in my area I would be pleased to meet you and maybe visit or go out!
Looking forward to hear from you!

Amandine xx

Hello Amandine.

Welcome to Expat.com! ;)


My name is Ewa, and i live in Kent close to sevenoaks. I arrived 5 month ago by professional reason, because i living in a small town it's hard to meet some people outside of work .
We apparently having the same hobbie so i will be pleased to meet you. I'm with some french guys working with me in the same case.

i looking forward to hearing from you

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